Richmond Pro AM Show Tan

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Official Tanning For the Richmond Pro AM 

  • Spray Tan 11/30 at the host hotel, and touch up if needed at show venue 12/1
  • Includes body glaze
  • Includes Bikini Adhesive 
  • Add-ons available:  Tan protective Robes, Shirt, Pants, Pee Device, Tan stickies, sheet protector. You will pick these up the day of your tan at check in. 
Tanning Instructions: 

Exfoliate for at least one week before! Three weeks is optimal! 
Arrive Clean for your first coats
REMOVE hair on all of your body parts (legs, arms, chest, back, glutes *if it will show in your suit) 
Do not shower after the tan- You will sleep in it and it will become darker after 8 hours
*Any smudging can be fixed during your touch up. Do not attempt to correct this your self
Do not wash your hair after the tan - use dry shampoo which can be purchased as a spray to soak up oils 
*Sleep or lounge only in tan approved clothing (no sweats, no cheap polyester...these things will bleed your tan)
*Note, depending on your pre tan coloring, how the tan adjusts to your skin, you may not require an additional coat in the morning. Your coloring will be at the tanners/judges discretion